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5 Unhealthiest McDonald’s Menu Items to Avoid

Fast food restaurants are typically stereotyped for being calorie-dense diet crashers, but some are worse than others.  Way worse. And when we think of fast-food, the epitome generally is McDonald’s. Here’s a list of the five unhealthiest McDonald’s menu items to absolutely avoid.  McDonald’s has become one of the largest corporations in the world of fast-food … Continue reading "5 Unhealthiest McDonald’s Menu Items to Avoid"
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7 Worst Breakfast Foods to Start Your Day

The comedian Jim Gaffigan once joked, “You can’t have cake for breakfast.  Unless it’s a pancake with syrup.” While light-hearted, this joke sums up most Americans attitude towards breakfast.  Doughnuts, sugary cereals, pastries and, yes, pancakes are generally accepted “breakfast meals”.  Yet often we find ourselves crashing after breakfast – immediately hitting the coffee machine … Continue reading "7 Worst Breakfast Foods to Start Your Day"
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