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5 Ways to Promote Workout Accountability

Why is accountability important when it comes to exercise? Because when you’re accountable, you’re motivated. When you’re motivated, you’re more likely to achieve your fitness goals. Yet if it was easy, we’d all be doing it. Let’s discover some tips on how to promote workout accountability to keep our health and wellness goals moving forward. … Continue reading "5 Ways to Promote Workout Accountability"
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Workout Motivation to Exercise Again

Everyone needs motivation now and again, especially when it comes to workout and fitness routines. Maybe you’re contemplating a workout after a long break. It happens! Life often gets in the way, but that doesn’t mean it has to end your health goals. That’s why we’re sharing workout motivation tips to help you start exercising … Continue reading "Workout Motivation to Exercise Again"
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The 7 Best Arm Exercises for Beginners

Sometimes starting a new workout can be intimidating, especially if you’re working on a new muscle group. If you compare your arms to toothpicks or struggle to see the definition in your biceps, then this post is definitely for you. Scroll below to find the seven best beginner arm exercises to get you started on … Continue reading "The 7 Best Arm Exercises for Beginners"
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5-Minute Ab Workout To Start Your Morning

Exercise has amazing long-term benefits, but starting your morning with a quick routine will just make the rest of your day so much easier to get through.  Below is a 5-minute ab workout to help jump-start your morning. This 5-minute ab workout contains some of the exact exercises that I do almost every morning to help turn my flab into fab. … Continue reading "5-Minute Ab Workout To Start Your Morning"
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Your 5-Minute Warm-Up Before Exercising

Do you properly warm up before beginning a heavy workout? Whether you are running or strength training, a proper warm-up is probably the most important 3-5 minutes of your day. If you’re not sure where to get started, I’d like to introduce a 5-minute warm-up you should try. Your perfect warm-up is usually between 3-5 … Continue reading "Your 5-Minute Warm-Up Before Exercising"
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Circuit Training Workout for Beginners

Are you new to working out and have no idea where to begin? Or, do you find yourself working out and not seeing the results? Muscles like to be used in a variety of ways to build bulk and flexibility. A workout routine that includes a variety of different exercises is a much better way … Continue reading "Circuit Training Workout for Beginners"
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