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5 Warm-Up Exercises to Boost Your Workout

(SPACE) Most athletes perform some warm-up before their training or competitions. If warm-ups are good enough for athletes, why not you? Let’s discuss five warm-up exercises to boost your workout game this summer. Why do you need to warm up in sports? As the name suggests, the purpose is to increase the temperature of the … Continue reading "5 Warm-Up Exercises to Boost Your Workout"
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Your 5-Minute Warm-Up Before Exercising

Do you properly warm up before beginning a heavy workout? Whether you are running or strength training, a proper warm-up is probably the most important 3-5 minutes of your day. If you’re not sure where to get started, I’d like to introduce a 5-minute warm-up you should try. Your perfect warm-up is usually between 3-5 … Continue reading "Your 5-Minute Warm-Up Before Exercising"
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