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5 Best Free Running Apps for 2021

Whether you’re training for your first 5k or your fifth marathon, the best running apps available will help you track your training and help you reach your goals. Yet, the wide choice of running apps can seem overwhelming. Like a class at the gym, there’s no one-size-fits-all running app, and each has its pros and … Continue reading "5 Best Free Running Apps for 2021"
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Long-Distance Running Tips for Beginners

So you run every once in a while, but now you’re ready to try your first marathon. Where do you begin? Here are a few long-distance running tips for beginners to help you get started. First, what is considered long-distance running? Travel for long in runner circles, and you’ll meet everyone from dedicated 5k specialists … Continue reading "Long-Distance Running Tips for Beginners"
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How to Safely Run With Your Dog

If you lead an active lifestyle, running with your dog is a fantastic option. However, there are lots of pitfalls that can happen when you’re running with your pooch. Here are a few tips to run with your dog, and not get hurt! Your dog may be the ultimate exercise partner.  After all, dogs, just … Continue reading "How to Safely Run With Your Dog"
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5 Tips for Running in the Heat

Think you can get used to the heat while running? Think again. Going for a run on a hot summer’s day can be very intimidating, especially for beginning runners. The heat can challenge even the most dedicated of runners by running in sweaty weather. However, there are various steps that you can take to ensure … Continue reading "5 Tips for Running in the Heat"
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5 Essential Stretches for Runners

Running is a great exercise. It makes your legs strong, toned, but unfortunately, tight. After miles of forcing your muscles to flex and extend over and over, a good stretch before beginning can be a lifesaver. If you’re a runner or thinking about starting, here are five essential stretches for runners that will come in … Continue reading "5 Essential Stretches for Runners"
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5 Tips for Beginning Runners and Walkers

Are you super excited to begin run training? Or does the thought of running your first 5k scare you? Don’t be ashamed of feeling overwhelmed, but you shouldn’t be frightened. Running long distances is excellent exercise and can soon turn into a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable activity. Scroll down below for 5 tips for beginning … Continue reading "5 Tips for Beginning Runners and Walkers"
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