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How to Practice Family Mindfulness Meditation

If you practice regular mindful meditation, you’re aware of how the practice can wipe away the day’s stress and bring true inner peace. With kids going back to school and the delta variant raging, your children have plenty of reasons to worry. So let’s take a moment how to introduce the practice of family mindfulness … Continue reading "How to Practice Family Mindfulness Meditation"
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One-Minute Mindfulness Exercises for Happiness

Some people claim they don’t have the time to practice meditation, but let’s be honest, these are the people who need it the most. While mindfulness can be 10 to 15 minutes, taking just one minute can help you clear your head and calm your mind. Let’s take a look below at one-minute mindfulness exercises … Continue reading "One-Minute Mindfulness Exercises for Happiness"
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7 Holiday Mindfulness Strategies

Is it ’tis the season to be stressed, tired, and overwhelmed? As if the holidays weren’t a reason to be anxious enough, the COVID-19 pandemic has only added fuel to the chaos. However, the holidays (with or without the coronavirus) do not have to be stressful. Below, I’d like to share with you holiday mindfulness … Continue reading "7 Holiday Mindfulness Strategies"
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How to Practice Walking Mindfulness

  I’ve been told by many people that their lives are simply too busy to sit down and practice meditation and mindfulness. However, there’s many ways to practice mindfulness for a few minutes each day and the benefits are worth it.  Mindfulness is proven to help relieve stress, lower blood pressure, and improve mental health … Continue reading "How to Practice Walking Mindfulness"
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How to Practice Mindfulness Amid COVID-19

  If you’re feeling extra anxiety these days due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, you’re not alone.  This pandemic has us all facing more stress and uncertainty than usual.  It also has many of us asking:  How do we keep from spiraling into a full-blown panic?  As we all face uncertainty about the novel coronavirus, there … Continue reading "How to Practice Mindfulness Amid COVID-19"
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3 Meditation Roadblocks (And How to Overcome Them)

  Think you can’t meditate?  If you find the process of clearing your mind to be totally overwhelming, we’re here to help.  Just remember that it’s perfectly okay to be imperfect in this practice.  Since a few minutes of mindfulness a day can have big benefits, I’d like to share 3 meditation roadblocks (and how … Continue reading "3 Meditation Roadblocks (And How to Overcome Them)"
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