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5 Unhealthiest Wendy’s Menu Items to Avoid

Wendy’s menu items are extremely popular. In fact, Wendy’s is one of the most popular food chains in the country, behind McDonald’s and Burger King. Sure, fast food restaurants aren’t known for their healthiest items, but there are some menu items that are absolute diet crashers. Look below for the five unhealthiest Wendy’s menu items … Continue reading "5 Unhealthiest Wendy’s Menu Items to Avoid"
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5 Unhealthiest Chick-Fil-A Menu Items to Avoid

People love Chick-Fil-A food. According to the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index, the Atlanta-based eatery is America’s favorite fast-food restaurant. And why not? The food is good, the service is typically top-notch, and the restaurant is known for its cleanliness. Yet, there are many menu items available that can ruin your diet. Let’s take a look … Continue reading "5 Unhealthiest Chick-Fil-A Menu Items to Avoid"
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5 Unhealthiest McDonald’s Menu Items to Avoid

Fast food restaurants are typically stereotyped for being calorie-dense diet crashers, but some are worse than others.  Way worse. And when we think of fast-food, the epitome generally is McDonald’s. Here’s a list of the five unhealthiest McDonald’s menu items to absolutely avoid.  McDonald’s has become one of the largest corporations in the world of fast-food … Continue reading "5 Unhealthiest McDonald’s Menu Items to Avoid"
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10 Surprisingly Healthy Fast Food Meals

I have the biggest love/hate relationship with fast-food chains. I’m always on the go and stopping to get a bite to eat is often a matter of convenience and taste. However, I’m torn by the lack of healthy eating options. I mean, who needs the 2,000 calorie fat-bombs like triple-decker cheeseburgers and jumbo-sized fries? Yet, … Continue reading "10 Surprisingly Healthy Fast Food Meals"
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