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5 Dynamic Calf Exercises for Strength Building

Are you exercising your calf muscles? According to the CDC’s National Center of Health StatisticsĀ report, only 23% of Americans get enough exercise each week. And I’m willing to wager that many who do exercise neglect their calf muscles as it’s one of the most easily overlooked muscle groups in the entire body! Scroll below to … Continue reading "5 Dynamic Calf Exercises for Strength Building"
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5 Family Warm-up Exercises for Fitness

Did you know athletes who don’t warm up run a higher risk of injuring themselves than professionals who do take the effort? This same rule applies to your kids, as well. Summer is coming up, and kid’s outdoor sports are on the horizon. So, let’s play it safe and take a look at five family … Continue reading "5 Family Warm-up Exercises for Fitness"
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5 Core Exercises to Prevent Neck Pain

I don’t know about you, but neck pain has become a chronic issue in my life. Usually, this results from sleep posture or a lousy office slouch. However, there are ways to prevent this discomfort. Read below for five core exercises to help reduce neck pain and stiffness.  If you wake up with an aching … Continue reading "5 Core Exercises to Prevent Neck Pain"
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One-Minute Mindfulness Exercises for Happiness

Some people claim they don’t have the time to practice meditation, but let’s be honest, these are the people who need it the most. While mindfulness can be 10 to 15 minutes, taking just one minute can help you clear your head and calm your mind. Let’s take a look below at one-minute mindfulness exercises … Continue reading "One-Minute Mindfulness Exercises for Happiness"
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7 Belly Fat Exercises You’ll Love

What’s one of the seemingly hardest areas to lose weight? I’d argue it’s probably the belly. That hard-to-lose fat in the lower belly is called “visceral fat” and can be more than just a nuisance. It can cause health problems and put you at risk for diabetes and heart disease. So, whether you do it … Continue reading "7 Belly Fat Exercises You’ll Love"
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