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Healthy Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day

The kids are out of school, and it’s raining all day. A trip to the park is out, along with an afternoon swim. How to keep those kiddos busy? Read below for a few healthy indoor activities perfect for any rainy day. I know it can sometimes be challenging to keep kids entertained in the … Continue reading "Healthy Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day"
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How to Ease Back into Fitness After a Break

Sometimes life happens and we can get a little off track. If you’ve taken a break from your regular workout routine, these tips will help make it easy to start again. Has it been a while (okay, a long while) since you last worked out? Don’t feel stressed, and don’t make excuses for not going back to … Continue reading "How to Ease Back into Fitness After a Break"
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5 Belly Exercises to Create Toned Abs

Belly exercises are often overlooked as part of our exercise routine, but they are simply the most effective to burn stomach fat. Here are five of the best exercises you can do anywhere if you want to get a flat stomach and shrink belly fat fast. Is it getting challenging to fit into your favorite t-shirt? Do you get anxious looking … Continue reading "5 Belly Exercises to Create Toned Abs"
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Warm-Up Exercises Before a Big Workout

Warm-up exercises are incredibly important if you want to avoid injury before a big workout or athletic event. We have five great tips for warming up that will get you pumped and ready for upcoming workouts. Let’s face it: Warm-up exercises are skipped because they’re often viewed as unnecessary and boring. But doing a couple … Continue reading "Warm-Up Exercises Before a Big Workout"
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Workout Ideas for Couples You’ll Love

Workout ideas for couples can take many forms but are sometimes difficult to envision. After all, how many things can you think of to do working out with a loved one? Luckily, we have a lot of different workout ideas for couples that you’ll love. When the phrase “romantic date night” gets tossed around, does … Continue reading "Workout Ideas for Couples You’ll Love"
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How to Measure Your Exercise Intensity

Have you ever wondered how to measure your exercise intensity? It’s essential because exercising at the correct intensity can help you get the most out of your workout. And it turns out there are a few ways to measure workout intensity that keeps tabs on how hard you’re going as you exercise. Understanding how to … Continue reading "How to Measure Your Exercise Intensity"
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