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5 Plank Exercises You Can Do At Home

Are you getting tired of sit-ups? Try a plank workout that focuses on your “core” middle body. Not only can stronger abdominal muscles improve your balance and posture, but they can also provide more stability for the spine. So let’s focus on five plank exercises that you can do at home.  It’s true that a … Continue reading "5 Plank Exercises You Can Do At Home"
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5-Minute Exercise to Strengthen Your Core

  I know you’re busy, but do you have 5 minutes?  Because 5 minutes may be all that you need in the morning for an excellent core workout.  Below, are the tools for a full-core workout routine that will turn your flab into fab. Welcome to abs city! I’ve written about exercises for strong abs … Continue reading "5-Minute Exercise to Strengthen Your Core"
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