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5 Plank Exercises You Can Do At Home

Are you getting tired of sit-ups? Try a plank workout that focuses on your “core” middle body. Not only can stronger abdominal muscles improve your balance and posture, but they can also provide more stability for the spine. So let’s focus on five plank exercises that you can do at home.  It’s true that a … Continue reading "5 Plank Exercises You Can Do At Home"
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Ab Exercises: A Guide for Beginners

For those who hate spending time in the gym, we’ve got some good news for you. If you want to focus on tightening your tummy, it doesn’t need to take up a massive chunk of your day. Yet the downside is that there are so many ab exercises it can be challenging to know where … Continue reading "Ab Exercises: A Guide for Beginners"
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7 Belly Fat Exercises You’ll Love

What’s one of the seemingly hardest areas to lose weight? I’d argue it’s probably the belly. That hard-to-lose fat in the lower belly is called “visceral fat” and can be more than just a nuisance. It can cause health problems and put you at risk for diabetes and heart disease. So, whether you do it … Continue reading "7 Belly Fat Exercises You’ll Love"
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5-Minute Workout to Lose Belly Fat

  I know – it’s hard to find time to squeeze in a workout.   However, can you sacrifice 5 minutes to workout per day?  Most of us can – even though we tell ourselves we’re too busy.  Sacrificing just five minutes to workout per day can help chip away at stubborn belly fat. Please note, … Continue reading "5-Minute Workout to Lose Belly Fat"
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