Jump Rope Exercises to Boost Your Workouts

Jump rope exercises can be an excellent addition to any cardio or HIIT workout. It’s easy to include jumping rope into your workout routine, and it will help you build stamina and endurance while challenging muscles throughout your body.   Jumping rope is not a go-to activity for most people — at least not after 10. … Continue reading "Jump Rope Exercises to Boost Your Workouts"
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5 Motivational Tips for Healthy Living

Some days you jump out of bed ready to start your morning workout. Other days, rolling off the couch to grab a bowl of popcorn feels borderline impossible. Since we’re getting close to the holiday season, here are 5 motivational tips to make sure we’re staying strong on our goals.   If you feel like a … Continue reading "5 Motivational Tips for Healthy Living"
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Simple Ways to Get More Steps In Your Day

Walking is one of the most convenient exercises you can do to boost your mood, improve your heart health, lose weight, and generally live longer. Fitness tracking devices often recommend we take 10,000 steps a day, and while that may sound daunting, here are some simple ways to get more steps in your day.   Are … Continue reading "Simple Ways to Get More Steps In Your Day"
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Deep Breathing Exercises for Stress Management

For some people, meditation is difficult and not for everyone. That’s why its calming cousin, breathwork, is so wonderful. Let’s dig in and discover deep breathing exercises perfect for stress management.  Why is deep Breathing effective? The University of Michigan Health states that breathwork is effective as a calming agent because it triggers your parasympathetic nervous system. … Continue reading "Deep Breathing Exercises for Stress Management"
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How to Create a Wellness Calendar

What if you had a list of health topics, one for each month, to help you stay on track? Well, you’re in luck! It’s no better time to get in shape, and the use of a wellness calendar can make sure you’re staying on track with your many health goals. Scroll below to learn more … Continue reading "How to Create a Wellness Calendar"
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Healthy Family Activities Perfect for Late Summer

The summer season is almost over, but the fun doesn’t have to end! In fact, there’s plenty of healthy things to do as we take a peek at family activities perfect for late summer. Are you ready to hold on to summer a little while longer? As kids head back to school, there are only … Continue reading "Healthy Family Activities Perfect for Late Summer"
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