May 9, 2017
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5 Best Exercises for Heart Health

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a quarter of a million U.S. deaths per year are influenced by a lack of regular physical activity. Plus, people who do not exercise have a doubled risk of heart disease compared to active people. To avoid future risk factors, we’re going to share the 5 … Continue reading “5 Best Exercises for Heart Health”

Morning Yoga Routines for Energy

Nourishing and revitalizing, morning Yoga is the perfect way to wake up the mind and body so you can start the day off right! These yoga practices are perfect for when you first wake up or when you need a little wake-up any time of day! So let’s start our day with intention, efficient movement, … Continue reading “Morning Yoga Routines for Energy”

5 Fun Water Sports to Keep Cool This Summer

Summer is a gorgeous season, but it does bring a lot more heat and sweat. That’s why joining in on water sports is the perfect way to cool off, freshen up, and have a whole lot of entertainment. If you’re looking for the best water sports and activities for your summer inspiration, keep scrolling.  Do … Continue reading “5 Fun Water Sports to Keep Cool This Summer”

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