May 9, 2017
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Healthy Backyard Activities for Out of School Kids

child giving dad a high five in backyard next to tent

Healthy backyard activities are a must for recently out-of-school kiddos. Here are some great ideas that you can implement that will keep them busy. Now that the weather has changed and summer is in full swing, now is the best time to try some new healthy backyard activities for the whole family. By embracing the … Continue reading “Healthy Backyard Activities for Out of School Kids”

Healthy Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day

kids inside being funny with text that reads "Healthy Indoor Activities on a Rainy Day"

The kids are out of school, and it’s raining all day. A trip to the park is out, along with an afternoon swim. How to keep those kiddos busy? Read below for a few healthy indoor activities perfect for any rainy day. I know it can sometimes be challenging to keep kids entertained in the … Continue reading “Healthy Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day”

The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening

gardening outside

The health benefits of gardening can really be amazing! If you consider yourself a green thumb, take a peek at why gardening is great! If you’re interested in growing a garden so you have access to fresh vegetables all season long, you will be even happier to know that the benefits of starting a garden … Continue reading “The Amazing Health Benefits of Gardening”

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