The Best Winter Running Gear for 2022

It’s cold outside, and when winter temps are raging, it’s especially important to make sure you have the right winter running gear. Don’t get caught in the cold unprepared! Check out the best winter running gear for 2022.

If you’re a runner, you come to a fork in the road when winter comes. You either head inside on the treadmill or bundle up and brave the chilliest outdoor runs. And, let’s be honest, once the temperature dips, it can be pretty miserable.

However, running in the winter has serious advantages. Running outdoors can help you stay active, and also help you stay happier. That’s because when the days get shorter and the temperature plummets, many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, and running is proven to boost your mood. Running in cold weather also might keep your metabolism going strong, and may help you burn more calories.

So, what are you waiting for? Your body is actually more suited for cold weather running than warm-hot temperatures, anyways.

That’s why in winter, more than any other time of the year, you need to make sure you’re equipped with the right gear. After all, it’s likely to be wet, muddy, and perhaps icy and snowy when you go for a run. Staying warm and dry will be doubly important as you prepare for the right winter running gear.

Let’s get started.

Winter Fleece Neck Gaiter (Amazon)

Who wears a scarf? Keep your neck warm with this affordable gaiter that you can purchase at Amazon. It’s made out of extra-warm fleece material, and you’ll love it while running.

UnderArmour Men’s Cold Fleece (UnderArmour)

UA Base 2.0 is built for cold weather and high activity levels. It uses a unique pattern that’s designed to trap heat without adding bulk. Think long underwear, revamped for today’s top athletes.

UnderArmour Women’s Cold Fleece (UnderArmour)

These shirts also wick away sweat to keep you dry, and they feature a brushed material inside that feels warm on chilly days.

Alpha Hybrid Jacket (SUGOi)

You only need one really good outer layer for cold runs, and this one is it. This Alpha Hybrid Jacket offers insulated warmth with maximum breathability during peak exertion.

Fusion Midweight Gloves (Brooks)

Are you expecting cold weather on the horizon? These lightweight running gloves cut the chill with breathable but warm coverage. Plus, a mesh insert at the palm offers ventilation once you warm up. Don’t leave home without them!

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