Smoothie Meals for Healthy Living


Why aren’t you drinking more smoothies? They’re quick, easy, and can be made ahead of time for a grab-and-go kind of meal. Best of all, they’re healthy and filling. That’s why we’re sharing five healthy smoothie meals.

Smoothies are delicious, easy-to-make, and a great way to contribute to your recommended “5 a day” fruit and vegetable intake. We wanted to share five recipes to get you started for those who wish to make healthy smoothie meals a part of your daily diet.  If you’re looking for more helpful morning tips, I suggest checking out Healthy Breakfast Smoothies to Start Your Day.

Now let’s get started! Please keep in mind that when preparing a smoothie, you will need a high-powered blender. 

Peach Breakfast Smoothie

This “breakfast” smoothie is so delicious you’ll want to make it for any time of the day! Credit to Downshiftology for this delicious recipe. It immediately caught my eye as I love ANYTHING peach-flavored. This peach concoction makes for a delicious and nutritious smoothie meal blended with (you guessed it!) fresh peaches, along with yogurt, chia seeds, and a few spices.  

Mango Raspberry Sunshine Smoothie

If you are looking for something a little more appealing for your kids, check out this mango raspberry sunshine smoothie from Cooking on the Front Burner blog. This smoothie is filled with vitamin C, and the yogurt provides a decent dose of probiotics, too.  Yum!

Spinach Smoothie

Don’t let the name scare you away! Loaded with leafy greens, this tasty blend contains frozen mango and pineapple to keep it sweet. To find this recipe, check out Good Housekeeping’s link here.

Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Wait — blueberries and oatmeal blended? You heard that right! This creamy concoction is super easy and ready in under five minutes. Plus, you’ll have oats that provide a slow-releasing source of energy—a tip of the hat to the Honour System blog for this delicious recipe.  

Chocolate Banana Breakfast Smoothie

This Chocolate Banana Breakfast Smoothie recipe is full of protein and is one your kids will especially love. Cut the banana into bite-size chunks and freeze for 4-24 hours. Blend the frozen banana, almond milk, greek yogurt, and cocoa powder along with any mix-ins you like until smooth. Enjoy this healthy smoothie meal from Lose Weight By Eating. 

One More Thing

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