5 Motivational Tips for Healthy Living

Some days you jump out of bed ready to start your morning workout. Other days, rolling off the couch to grab a bowl of popcorn feels borderline impossible. Since we’re getting close to the holiday season, here are 5 motivational tips to make sure we’re staying strong on our goals.  

If you feel like a different person from one day to the next, you’re not alone. Why? According to bestselling author James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, motivation is not constant. Not for anyone. Even motivational speakers.  

Here are a few tips to offer you motivation towards a healthier lifestyle — and a happier you.  

Tip #1: Let it Go

Even if you do everything right, your days won’t always go as planned. Despite your best meal prepping, playlist planning, and intention setting, things are going to go awry. You will miss a workout. You will eat the jumbo chocolate chip cookie late at night. And you will be okay. When things don’t go perfectly, please take a deep breath and let it go. 

Tip #2: Enjoy the Journey

Exercise and committing to your weight loss goals is NOT a slog! Now, repeat that to yourself a few times. If reaching a goal or a specific destination is not enjoyable, you will psyche yourself out. Make this journey fun, and enjoy your successes.  

Tip #3: Get Some Sleep

Are you getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night? Keep in mind that a proper good night’s rest can help you stay motivated throughout the day as you will have more energy to do what’s important. By consolidating sleep with more exercise and a balanced diet, your body will have more stamina throughout the day. Try it! 

Tip #4: Put Down Your Phone

Seriously! A 2019 report from Informate Mobile Intelligence found that American’s check their social media accounts 17 TIMES A DAY. It’s no surprise we’re more frenzied now than ever. Make a deliberate effort to be present and give your undivided attention to your goals.

Tip #5: Commit At Least 30 Days

Changes don’t happen overnight, and neither do habits. Naturally, if you want to build a habit, you should then consistently try your best to stick to that behavior for a minimum of one month.


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