How to Create a Wellness Calendar

What if you had a list of health topics, one for each month, to help you stay on track? Well, you’re in luck! It’s no better time to get in shape, and the use of a wellness calendar can make sure you’re staying on track with your many health goals. Scroll below to learn more about how to create a wellness calendar for your needs.

Are you someone who likes to visualize your goals before putting them into practice? If so, you’ll love the idea of a wellness calendar, which is essentially adding health milestones on a blank calendar. Simple as that!

A calendar is a great way to remind you of your goals. It sits in front of your desk and is aesthetically pleasing without all of the extra Post-It notes for tracking. Here are a few tips you help you set up a monthly wellness calendar for your home or office.

To begin…

Determine Your Goals

What goals do you want to meet? It could be exercise, nutrition, better sleep, the list goes on! You can’t write down your goals without determining what they are first! The most important thing is that you’re creating goals that you can track every day or every week for accountability.

Attainable Goals Only

Is it truly realistic to run 3-miles every day? Don’t set yourself up for failure the first month out. Make sure your goals start small. You can always work your way up later in the game.

Check Off The List

There’s nothing better than checking goals off your list. It gives you accountability, but the feeling that you’re accomplishing something by the end of the day. There’s nothing better for your health and wellness than to know that you tried your best and you’re getting much accomplished.

Awareness Events

Are there monthly or daily events that you can also add to your wellness calendar? Make a note of events you might be interested in, such as American Heart Month in February. Maybe that’s a good time to schedule a check-up appointment with your doctor? Make an appointment, and write it down on your calendar! You can find more national awareness days by clicking this link here.


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