Healthy Family Activities Perfect for Late Summer

The summer season is almost over, but the fun doesn’t have to end! In fact, there’s plenty of healthy things to do as we take a peek at family activities perfect for late summer.

Are you ready to hold on to summer a little while longer? As kids head back to school, there are only a few more weeks of sweet summer bliss left. There’s no better time than now to check all the exciting items off your summer bucket list. 

Are you looking for a bit of inspiration? Luckily, we’ve rounded up some activities that will help you and your family bid farewell to the warm and sunny season. And if you’re looking for indoor activities, please check out 5 Family Fitness Activities You Can Do At Home.  

Now, let’s get started with some fun ideas!

Picnic Weather

As the weather begins to cool off, try hosting a family picnic featuring healthy fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to pack some healthy fruit snacks and beverages for the kids! 

Baseball Games

Baseball is America’s pastime, but don’t worry if you can’t catch an MLB game. Look out for minor league games near you. Plus, playing baseball with your family is a great bonding moment this late summer.  

Outdoor Movie Night

The nights are turning into the perfect time to be outdoors (as long as you don’t have a mosquito problem). Whether you’re heading to your local drive-in movie theater or you’re setting up your very own movie night in the backyard, there’s nothing more magical than getting cozy outdoors and watching your favorite movie on a summer night. 

Local Fairs

I love local fairs, and I’m sure your family will, too! There’s a bit of something for everyone this late summer. Games, rides, food, music, animals, activities, and sometimes even health screenings that will keep mom, dad, and kids happy.

Take a Dip

While the weather is still warm, now is the time to take a final dip in the pool. Swimming keeps your heart rate up but takes the impact off your joints, builds endurance and muscle strength, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. 


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