Pool Exercises for a Cool Water Workout

If you haven’t given water workouts a try, you’re avoiding one of the best low-impact exercises you can do! Water exercises are great for getting the heart rate up while being easy on your joints and knees. If you like to burn calories and build strength, below are a few pool exercises for an excellent water workout. 

There are so many great reasons to try pool exercises this summer. Water aerobic exercise helps you burn fat, build stamina, and is accessible to your joints. 

According to WaterFit International, water provides about 15 times more resistance than performing the same moves on land. If it’s too easy, keep in mind that you can add resistance to any of the following workouts.  

So next time you’re feeling bored with your workout routine and want a fun, new challenge, here are a few pool exercises to implement: 

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks exercise the muscles in both your top and lower body. You can add resistance with wrist and ankle weights, but you’ll feel the burn immediately if it’s your first time. Good thing you’re in a pool to cool down!

Squat Jump

You’re familiar with the squat jump, but have you tried doing it in water? At least in the pool, it will have less impact on your joints. Just start in a low squat with arms extended straight forward at shoulder height. Explosively jump off the pool floor and land back in starting position. That’s one rep, and you might want to shoot for 10-15 reps to get started. 


Lean back against the pool wall, clasping the edge for support. Raise your legs, so they’re parallel to the pool bottom, then spread your legs as wide as possible. This activity strengthens your inner and outer thighs as you work against the current of water to lift and lower your legs.

Water Jogging

Jogging in the pool sounds easy, right? Remember, water provides about 15 times more resistance than performing on land. Walk 10-20 steps forward, and then walk backward. You can increase the intensity by jogging gently in place—alternate jogging for 30 seconds with walking in place for 30 seconds to get a good workout.  


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