5 Reasons Why You’re So Hungry

You eat lunch, only to find yourself hungry again after a few hours. What gives? We’re here to share 5 reasons why you’re so hungry.

It turns out there can be several reasons why you’re so hungry. Some of them are common, scientifically-backed reasons.

If you find yourself feeling hungry all the time it could be due to one of the following reasons:

You’re Actually Thirsty

Yes, really! Your hypothalamus regulates hunger and thirst, and sometimes it mixes up its signals. Just sipping on cold ice water is the solution to quelling your hunger pangs.

Not Enough Protein or Fiber

Not all calories will have the same impact on satiety. While carbohydrates are great for providing quick energy, protein, fat, and fiber, are important for sustaining that energy. A study published in Nutrition Journal found that high-protein snacks led to reduced hunger and kept participants satiated for longer.

Refined Carbs Play a Role

Maybe your problem is that you’re constantly fueling yourself with nutritionally-deficient refined carbs. Simple and refined carbs burn up quickly in your body, which spikes your blood sugar and then causes it to crash. Low glucose levels are what triggers your hunger hormones, making you feel like you’re starving!

Eating Too Quickly

If you scarf down your entire meal in under 5 minutes, you’ll most likely eat more than your fill. That’s because scientists believe your hunger hormones act in a relay, passing off feelings of fullness between each other before telling your brain to stop. This system takes some time to work, which is why it’s best to eat slowly. At a restaurant, maybe eat half your meal, and then take a moment before diving in for the rest.

Lack of Sleep

Not getting enough rest can affect the hormones in your body that control hunger. People who are sleep-deprived have a bigger appetite and find it harder to feel full. You’re also more likely to crave high-fat, high-calorie foods when you’re tired.


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