5 Tips for Beginning Runners and Walkers

Are you super excited to begin run training? Or does the thought of running your first 5k scare you? Don’t be ashamed of feeling overwhelmed, but you shouldn’t be frightened. Running long distances is excellent exercise and can soon turn into a fun, relaxing, and enjoyable activity. Scroll down below for 5 tips for beginning runners (or walkers).

Running has the power to change your life. Seriously! However, I will caution you to seek your doctor before going on too long of distance running. Make sure this is right for you, and never push yourself against a wall. The last thing you will want to do early on is to burn out on running. Ease into it — and great things will come. Here are a few tips for beginning runners:


Coaches from StraitSpeed suggest that if you’re a first-time runner: Slow and steady wins the race. Consider alternating between walking and running your first week of training. A simple and attainable goal is to just add a minute per week to each run segment.  

Gear Up

Beginning runners, take note! It seems incredibly obvious, but you’ll want to make sure that you’re wearing the right gear when training. The right (or wrong) shoes will make and break you, especially when running long distances. Also, a good sports bra never hurts.  

Follow a Beginning Run Schedule

Should you follow a run schedule? Absolutely. The fine folks at Very Well Fit created an 8-week beginning run program that will help you stay on track. You can find the plan by clicking here and scrolling down below.

Get a Good Stretch

Stretching releases a lot of tension and can affect how comfortable you are on your run. Don’t just stretch your legs. Work over your shoulders, neck, and back with a good stretch. 

Run With a Buddy

Starting anything new that requires you to push yourself is difficult. That’s why you need to find an accountability partner or a support system that drives you. Sometimes you may be forced – as my spouse does when I need to get out of bed. My advice is to find moral support. Finding a team of people to train with and to lift each other up is a great way to not only meet but to exceed your goals.


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