How to Create a Daily Gratitude Practice

Gratitude is associated with a vast display of changes in mental health and well-being. Why not try it? After all, it’s incredibly low-effort, and the barrier to entry is nonexistent. To begin, you need to start by thinking about it once a day. Please read below to learn how to create a daily gratitude practice that becomes habitual. 

Know that practicing gratitude may not feel particularly natural at first. It may appear a little forced or effortful. While it might not make you feel good now, that doesn’t mean you’re not accruing benefits in the long run that become more apparent over time. And, like exercise, it gets easier. Here’s how to make it an easy daily practice! 

Create a Gratitude Journal

Do you have trouble expressing your gratitude out loud? Please write it down. A gratitude journal will remind you of the gifts, grace, benefits, and good things you enjoy, and maybe even overlooked. Click this link to learn how to begin. 

Three Question Reminder

Think about this gratitude practice: “What have I received from my day?” “What have I given to other people?” and “What troubles and difficulty have I caused?” A great meditation to think about regarding the people in our lives and what we give back in return.  Check out these gratitude mantras to change the way you think.

Watch Your Language

Grateful people have a distinct method that uses the language of gifts, givers, blessings, blessed, fortune, fortunate, and abundance. In gratitude, you should not focus on how inherently good you are, but rather on the inherently good things others have done on your behalf. Don’t gossip or speak badly about anyone. Compliment your friends and family. Make your lips utter what is only good and reflective of your grateful attitude. 

Gratitude List

Create a gratitude list, and add to it daily. This might become challenging after a while, but it will only make you dig deeper to find what you may have overlooked in plain sight.



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