7 Healthy Spring Activities for the Entire Family

Now that we’re past the winter doldrums, let’s focus on ways to get out of the house and have fun. As a parent, it can sometimes feel overwhelming when the weather starts to warm. Kids want to do all sorts of activities outside to celebrate. Yet, don’t fret; below, we have 7 healthy spring activities for the entire family!

Abundant sunshine, longer days, and road trips are finally here! Here are some fun spring activity ideas you can implement to keep everyone healthy, active, and smiling.

Nature Walk

Spring weather is the perfect time to trek outside and explore your surroundings. What State Park have you not visited yet? What forest demands a scenic stroll? Studies have shown that time in nature — as long as people feel safe — is an antidote for stress.

Picnic in the Park

When’s the last time you’ve been on a picnic? Ride your bikes to a picnic spot in the park. Pack a Frisbee, bring the family dog, and maybe a special treat as a fun picnic surprise. If you’re looking for some yummy treats to pack, check out Healthy Fruit Snacks Kids Love.


It’s time to put your putt-putt skills to the test! If you want to really jump-start the spring season, take your family to the nearest mini-golf course. There is perhaps nothing more exciting to a kid than playing mini-golf with the family.

Yard Work Games

What a clever parenting trick to turn a chore into fun! But it’s true that you can turn spring clean-up into an exciting family fitness activity. This could be a speed run to see which family member completes their separate chores the fastest. Working as a team can be fun when you’re washing windows and planting flower seeds!

Plant a Garden

Speaking of seeds, consider planting a garden together as a family! Pick out seed packets together and then prepare your garden for planting as a family. Small pots on a windowsill or even reusing an egg carton to start seedlings is a great project. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s a great learning experience and a way to celebrate the earth together. 

Star Gaze

One of my favorite spring activities! An outdoor deck is a perfect spot, but a blanket on the ground will do just as well. If your neighborhood is too bright at night, travel to a rural location to enjoy this new tradition!

Fly a Kite

Every child should have the experience of flying a kite at least once in their life. Teaching children how to fly a kite in a big open field is a great way to make precious memories.


What did you think of these spring activities? Did I miss one of your favorite pastimes? Email me at hello@heartandsoulblog.com. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Also, be sure to subscribe to the Heart & Soul Blog Newsletter to receive more great tips straight to your inbox each Friday.

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