Winter Meditations To Warm Your Soul This Year

Are you feeling a lack of energy or enthusiasm this winter? Maybe a sense of detachment from the world or even yourself? The chilly months are sometimes a good reminder that we must actively create our own warmth. To keep your thoughts centered, I’d like to share a few winter meditations that will warm your soul this year.

Winter meditations are perfect for staying in and reflecting. I encourage you to find a place in your home where you can sit undisturbed for a while. If possible, sit by a window. This is an opportunity to practice some “me-time” while paying close attention to your thoughts and feelings. Are we someplace safe and warm? Then, let’s begin…

Hot Tea Meditation

Mindfully drinking hot tea is both a warming and centering practice. A tea ceremony for mindfulness is nothing new. In fact, the Chinese have practiced Chanoyu, or “Way of the Tea”, for centuries.

By staying attuned to and warming our bodies this winter, we nourish ourselves. Choose a time and space, arrange the materials carefully, and brew the tea. Once your tea has brewed, pause to hold the warm cup and experience the heat seeping into your hands. Smell the tea, sip it slowly, and feel the warm liquid enter your body.

Outside Meditation

Go outside and feel the cold. Feel it without judgement or displeasure. Just try and note the cold touching your face, or let the sharp air fill your lungs and clear your brain of clutter.

This winter, slow your pace like nature does and watch the magic happen. Breathe in the youthful resilience of the cold, and let it take with itself the tired steam escaping from your body on the way out. 

Essential Oils Meditation

Essential oils can help calm your mind and create more focus. During this cold time of year, I often use frankincense and lemongrass. Frankincense helps lessen depressed and anxious feelings that many people may experience with seasonal affective disorder. Lemongrass helps to clear negativity and uplift your mood.

You can place 1 drop of each in your hands with a dollop of carrier oil and anoint your temples and soles of the feet. Have a pen and paper or a journal nearby where you can write down any insight that comes as you sit. A simple 10-minute meditation with the right oils can really calm you down for the rest of the day.


Did these winter meditations help you? Is there a meditation or grounding practice you like to try during the winter? I’d love to hear your thoughts at Also, be sure to subscribe to the Heart & Soul Newsletter to receive more great tips straight to your inbox each Friday. If you’re looking for more meditation and grounding tips, I also highly recommend you check out a “5-Minute Meditation for Inner Peace“.

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