How to Introduce Yoga to Kids

Yoga is an evidence-based practice that increases muscle strength, improves flexibility, and rewires the brain to better cope with stress and difficult situations. Naturally, if it works well for you, why not introduce it to your children? After all, children are exposed to a lot of stress — especially in this day and age. That’s why I’d like to talk about how to introduce the practice of yoga to kids.

Yoga is the best! It increases coordination and balance, improves strength and flexibility, and helps build concentration. Knowing the benefits of yoga, I was very eager to teach my child basic yoga poses so that we can do yoga together. After a couple of attempts at teaching her Downward-Facing Dog and basic standing poses, I gave up. She was bored to death and I didn’t know how to keep her attention.

Fortunately, I did my research and I can safely share that the second time around was a lot more successful. Below are some tips that I learned on how to introduce yoga to kids and keep them interested.

Start Simple

Mariam Gates, author, and founder of Kids Power Yoga encourages children to start with simple breaths or mantras. A simple meditation along with practicing breath control can help children with frequent bouts of nervousness.

Make it Fun!

Yoga should be fun because kids are fun! And in the end, yoga should make kids happy. And what better way than to incorporate games, stories, singing, or props. Just be creative!

Also, children can not only learn about yoga, but geography, the animal kingdom, the alphabet, dance, science, arts and crafts, and more! Combine your own passion and create new yoga poses. The important thing is that it feels good and your child is having FUN.

Don’t Force It

You can’t force your child to enjoy yoga, but you can guide and inspire them. Alissa Kepas, a well-known yoga instructor, says that the best inspiration is showing your child how yoga has transformed your own life. Are you using your yoga to set an example of actually living a balanced life? If you lead the way your child will want to follow in your footsteps.


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