Healthy Fourth of July Desserts in 5-Minutes

Fireworks and barbecues are a quintessential part of our Fourth of July celebration. Not only do we celebrate with family and friends, but we also load up on lots of delicious food! If you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle while enjoying our annual holiday, look no further. Scroll down to learn about a few healthy Fourth of July desserts that you can make in less than five minutes. You won’t be disappointed!

Summer is upon us, and Independence Day is quickly approaching.  Below I have three healthy Fourth of July desserts that take less than five minutes of prep time to prepare.

Mixed Berries with Honey Maple Mascarpone

Hoo-ray! This no-bake dessert can be made in under five minutes! The creaminess from the mascarpone goes perfectly with the fresh berries. Paired with raw sliced almonds, this is a home-run dish perfect for your upcoming Fourth of July celebration — or any special occasion.

For the recipe:

Patriotic White Chocolate Strawberries

These strawberries are beautiful, delicious, and easy to make! All you need is white chocolate and blue sprinkles. Voila! A delicious and healthy Fourth of July dessert the whole family can enjoy.

Recipe found here:

Red, White, and Blue Berry Chia Seed Parfait

What a beautiful looking dessert! It’s chia seed pudding sandwiched between berries for a red, white, and blue treat. If you’re looking for something paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, then this will check all of your boxes.

Here’s the recipe:


What do you think of these healthy Fourth of July desserts? I’d love to hear your thoughts at Also, if you’re interested in doing some heart-pumping exercise this summer, be sure to learn more about ways to stay hydrated this season. Finally, please be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive more great tips straight to your inbox each Friday.

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