Best Office Stretches By Your Desk

The Best Office Stretches By Your Desk


If you’re like the overwhelming majority of Americans who work by your desk, you probably have suffered from tension or pain in your neck, shoulders, back, and hips.  That’s because sitting for long stretches at a time is not ideal for your body or health.  The good news is that moving or stretching is a buildable habit. For starters, you can set a timer to remind you to take a quick walk or stretch.  If you’re pressed for time, there are even certain stretches you can while at work.  Scroll down to learn more about the best office stretches you can do by your desk.

The Best Office Stretches By Your Desk


Are you doing enough office stretches during the day?  Adding some movement into your workday will help you feel better and prepare you for the wonderful, desk-less parts of life. And if you get some side-eye from your boss, tell them that short stretching breaks might make you more productive, too.

Seated Spinal Twist 

I love this!  The Seated Spinal Twist is a great way to release the tension in your back that starts building up almost as soon as you sit down.  Also, in yoga, it’s a restorative pose that promotes good digestion and encourages spinal mobility.

In your office, sit on your chair sideways so that your shoulders and back are perpendicular to the back of the chair. Sit up straight, place your feet on the ground, and place your hands on the back of the chair. Using your arms, twist, pulling yourself toward the chair. Switch the side of the chair you’re sitting on and repeat.  This pose stretches out the spine, chest, and neck.  Take approximately 8 to 10 breaths on each side.

Watch this video for a short demonstration:

Tricep Stretches

I never realized how tight my triceps were until doing this wonderful stretch.

To begin, raise your arm and bend it so your hand reaches toward the opposite side.  Use your other hand and pull the elbow toward your head.  Hold for 10 to 30 seconds.  Repeat on the other side.

For a visual, click here:

Wrist Release

My wrists often do not get the attention they need after working a long day of typing and writing.  All these little contortions can take their toll and may lead to wrist disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Give your wrists some love with this release by extending your right arm fully with your palm facing up.  With your left hand, grab the palm of your right hand. Apply pressure with the left fingers to bend the right fingers back, extending the right wrist and pointing the right fingers down toward the floor. Try to keep the right elbow extended with the wrist pointing directly straight out from the elbow. Then repeat on the other side.

To learn more about wrist, hand & finger stretches, click here:

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Did these exercises help you?  Is there some office stretches that I missed?   I’d love to hear your thoughts at  And please be sure to subscribe to my blog to receive more great tips like these straight to your inbox each Friday.

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