Healthy Family Activities to Do at Home

What can you do with your family while stuck at home during quarantine?  Besides staring at a screen, that question can sometimes be difficult.  However, fostering healthy behaviors, staying active, and eating nutritiously at home is vital for a child’s development.  That’s why I’m here to share a few healthy family activities that you can do at home.

When kids are out of school for any reason, parents and caregivers can use these healthy family activities and resources to keep their kids moving, learning, and eating healthy.

Recess Activities at Home

There’s plenty of old-school throwback games and activities that you can try, such as jump-rope, hopscotch, hula-hoop, and games like “red light, green light.”  If your kids enjoy the outdoors and want to get their hearts pumping, try creating a backyard obstacle course and get the whole family involved.  Action for Healthy Kids has a great resource page to create your own Backyard Fitness Circuit Course.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

This is such a great way to get the whole family active outdoors and learning more about nature.  You can start by creating a list of commonly found nature items in your backyard.  You can even turn it into a team activity with a healthy snack as your prize item.  For little ones, your scavenger hunt might be based on simple items, such as leaves, textures, or colors of the rainbow.

Cook a Family Meal Together

When you bring your family around a stove, you’re guaranteed to make memories that will last forever.  Plus, cooks of all ages can pitch in and help with many different recipes.  This is also a great activity for little ones to discover new foods.  If you’re looking for some healthy snack ideas for kids, try checking here.

Implement Yoga as a Family Activity

One of the many great aspects of yoga is that it can be modified to support any age, goal, or ability.  As a family activity, it’s a great way to introduce children to a practice that helps calm the mind, increase flexibility, and support your overall well-being.  Check out Action for Healthy Kid’s  great resources for “Play-Based Yoga”.   Also, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my little girl loves to participate with the  Cosmic Kids Yoga Channel.  Check it out with your children.  You might just enjoy it, too!


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