How to Channel Your Inner Calm


Can your life be busy, hectic, and sometimes overwhelming?  It doesn’t have to be that way.  I think we’ve all experienced times when life can stagger you with stress.  And that’s why I’ve pulled together a few handy tips to learn how to channel your inner calm.

Caring for yourself should be a priority.  However, don’t get frustrated if inner calm doesn’t happen instantly. Just remember that it’s a process — take it one day at a time.

Recognize Your Reactions

Identify your responses to stress.  Do your shoulders pop up?  Do you talk faster?  Dr. Lara E. Fielding, professor of psychology at Pepperdine University and author of Mastering Adulthood, recommends catching yourself as you’re reacting and then making a point to consciously control your behavior.  That means dropping those shoulders down and to practice deep breathing in the moment.  According to Dr. Fielding, those subtle changes reassure your body that any stress you perceive isn’t actually a physical threat.

Find the Positive

Do you have a demanding new boss?  Think of all the things you will learn from her.  Do you dread your commute?  At least you have time to listen to your favorite podcast.  A recent 2018 study proves that cognitive reappraisal — reframing an event to change your emotional response to it — helps keep stress in check.

Go Easy on Yourself

When (not if) you handle a stressful situation ineffectively — snapping at your partner, for instance — just go easy on yourself.  According to Dr. Fielding, we reflexively do things that make us feel better in the short term.  Next time, choose to handle your stress in a way that helps you recharge.  Make a smoothie.  Go for a swim.  You’re not running away from your stress, but fostering resiliency.


Did these tips help you find your inner calm?  Is there a practice that helps you find your inner zen? If there’s a way you’d like to boost your confidence through meditation, I encourage you to read this post.   I’d love to hear your thoughts at   And be sure to subscribe below to receive more great tips like these straight to your inbox each Friday.

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