3 Best Free Nutrition Apps for 2019


With so many things on your plate, sticking to healthy eating habits is no easy feat.  Luckily, a lot of smartphone apps can help impose some dietary discipline, helping you watch what you eat – or at least be better informed about the food you consume.  If you’re ready to start eating and drinking like a health pro, then look no further than these 3 best free nutrition apps for 2019.

I created this list by reviewing dozens of sites, nutrition journals, and online reviews from both Apple and Android app sites.  I’ve also downloaded each of these apps and used them personally. My recommendations are based on relevance, ease of use, and impact on my own dietary choices.

All of the apps are free, but some may require subscriptions to allow you to take full advantage of their application.  I think of downloading apps as a visit to Baskin Robins – try a free sample or two and if you like the flavor then go ahead and pay for it.

I also have tried to indicate which platform (Apple iOS, Android, or iWatch) each app is available.  For more information on the best fitness and mental health apps of 2019, please follow the links in blue.

A word of warning:  These apps will help you make informed choices and highlight areas for improvement.  However, they should never take the place of a one-on-one visit with a nutritionist or registered dietician.  While I’m sure many nutritionists would approve the following apps, I encourage you not to become overly obsessed when it comes to calorie counting.  It’s important not to contribute to disordered eating and instead focus on the overall nutrition picture.  Never let an application serve as a stumbling block to your physical health.

That being said, below are the 3 best free nutrition apps for 2019.

MyFitness Pal (Apple iOS, iWatch, Android)

logo for myfitnesspal app

For free and with no strings attached, MyFitnessPal offers access to a nutrition and calorie database of over five million foods.  The app allows you to track food and fitness progress in a healthy way.  Just for lunch today I was able to pull up Starbuck’s entire lunch menu in order to add a Southwest Wrap to my “Food Diary”.

In addition to goal setting, counting calories, tracking meals and nutrients, logging fitness activities, connecting with other members, and charting your progress, the app adds some additional functions.  A built-in scanner within the app recognizes more than 4 million barcodes.  MyFitness Pal also includes the ability to automatically sync your workouts with more than 50 other apps and devices, including Fitbit, Strava, and Runkeeper.

Waterlogged (Apple iOS, iWatch, Android)

image of water bottle with check mark and text that reads Waterlogged drink more water

Does an app that reminds you to drink water sound silly?  Not in my life.  While I consume probably way too much coffee, I can honestly say that I do not drink enough water.  Which is a shame because proper hydration is essential to our wellbeing.  Waterlogged is helpful because it allows us to set up reminders to drink fluids.  It also can help you quickly assess your hydration with handy graphs.  I really like this app because I can adjust my reminders depending on the day (i.e. when temps are higher or I’m working out more than usual).

Fooducate (Apple iOS, Android)

orange next to text that reads Fooducate eat a bit better

Understanding food labels can sometimes be a chore, but Fooducate has taken the guesswork out of the process.  The app contains a calorie tracker similar to MyFitness Pal and a handy barcode-reader.  Next time you go grocery shopping, download Fooducate.  It can scan a package of food and provide a product rating on a scale from A (the best) to D based on ingredients and nutritional value.  I was surprised to find my jar of Great Value peanut butter received a grade of B-.

Were these free nutrition apps helpful for you?  Are there any nutrition-based apps that you recommend?  I’d love to hear from you at hello@heartandsoulblog.com.  And be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive more helpful tips straight to your inbox each weekend.

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