3 Easy Tips for Stress Relief


There’s no shortage of ways to get into a tangle of stress at work or at home.  With the day-to-day demands of life pressing down on your time, it’s important to maintain a healthy sense of peace in your life.  I’ve talked about stress relief methods before, but it’s an important topic worth revisiting.  Below are three easy tips for stress relief (and how to possibly avoid a stress headache).

Try Progressive Relaxation

Use this relaxation trick advocated by the Mayo Clinic to help with the physical effects of mental stress.

Tense a group of your muscles for about five seconds while you breathe in, then release them for about 20 seconds as you breathe out.  You can try this at home or sitting at your desk with your hands comfortably by your side.  Start at your feet and then work your way up.

Keep your mind focused on how it feels to take those deep breaths…and then sigh it all out.  Deep, slow, abdominal breathing stimulates the body’s natural relaxation response and will help keep your nerves under control.

Write Down Your Worries

Don’t keep your concerns bottled up.  A study published in a journal called Science shows that even short periods of putting your thoughts on paper can dramatically improve your performance.

In addition, planning ahead and creating a to-do list helps ease worry.  Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off a box on your to-do list.

Take a Walk

If all else fails, get out of the office.  Taking a quick walk will boost your energy, burn calories, and most importantly, help clear your mind.  According to the National Institutes of Health, physical activity produced by walking can also help you boost your sense of self-worth and confidence.

Try these three simple tips and let me know how they worked for you.  I’d love to hear your feedback and what stress relief tips worked well for you at hello@heartandsoulblog.com.  And don’t forget to sign up below to receive the latest articles directly to your mailbox.

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