Quick & Easy Post-Workout Meals

So you’ve finally committed to working out.  You’ve made time in the day to push yourself physically and mentally.  Now is it time to reward yourself with a post-workout meal of fries and a bacon cheeseburger?  Think again.

What you eat after hitting the gym may be the most important food you eat all day.  The primary goal of your post-workout meal is to supply your body with the right nutrients for adequate recovery and to maximize the benefits of your workout.  Below are just a few examples of quick and easy post-workout meals.


A quick note:  It’s important to understand the importance of food intake to support your workouts and how your body responds to the demands of physical exercise.   What are the best foods to eat and how long should I wait?

It’s good to understand that consuming the right amount of carbohydrates and protein is especially important after a workout.  During an exercise session, energy stores (glycogen) are depleted, muscle tissue is damaged, and fluids along with electrolytes are lost through sweat.  Long story short:  Post-workout nutrients are essential after exercise.

If you’re performing light aerobic workouts with a goal to stay in shape, it’s good to eat a well-balanced meal up to one hour after exercising.  The goal is to consume around 20-30 grams of lean protein and 30-40 grams of healthy carbohydrates.  In addition, be sure to drink plenty of water before and after your workout to replace what was lost for peak recovery and performance.

Finally, here are some great examples of quick and easy post work-out meals.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has double the amount of protein compared to regular yogurt and is a great source of carbohydrates.  Plus, fresh berries are packed with micro-nutrients to help ease muscle soreness.

Egg Omelet with Avocado Spread on Toast

It’s difficult to write a blog about food on an empty stomach.  Try this recipe for an excellent way to start your morning after a great workout:  https://bit.ly/2vb2EKZ

Grilled Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

The perfect family dinner when you want something healthy without spending a lot of time cooking in the kitchen.   In addition to being very delicious what also makes this dish great is that you can do a lot of the prep ahead of time – so when you finally finish your workout after a busy day you can prepare this quickly.

Sandwich Wraps

Make a whole-grain turkey or chicken sandwich wrap for an excellent on-the-go post-workout meal.  Add a bowl of soup on the side or consider adding additional grains, such as quinoa, brown rice, or beans.

Salmon with Sweet Potato

This is a dish you can feel good about eating.  Not only is it a great post-workout meal, but it’s good for your heart health.  The American Heart Association recommends eating fatty fish like salmon twice a week and sweet potatoes contribute to the better artery, blood, and heart function.  Each brings their own flavor, but the health benefits are amazing.

Tuna Salad Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread

A tuna salad sandwich is as classic as it gets.  Even without extra toppings, the sandwich is loaded with protein and has more than 10% of your daily intake of 11 vitamins and minerals.  Sometimes the simplest meal is always the best.

These are just a few healthy post-workout meals you can try.  Do you have any healthy ideas worth sharing that have worked for you?  If so, I’d love to hear your feedback.  Simply follow my link and let me know what you think here: https://heartandsoulblog.com/contact-us/.


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