Healthy Football Snacks for the Season

Football season is back, y’all, which means one very important thing is on my mind: what healthy football snacks should I prepare to watch my fantasy team aim for glory??? 🙂

Ok, first thing’s first: let’s define both “healthy” and “football snacks.”

What Makes a Snack “Healthy”?

When I talk about “healthy” foods, I mean things that are health-promoting — or at least mostly neutral — rather than health detrimental. While a pile of wings slathered in a butter-based sauce and then dipped in bleu cheese might taste SO GOOD, its decent protein content doesn’t really outweigh the saturated fat, high calories, and otherwise low nutrients. Basically, I want food that I can snack on without feeling like I’ve lost a day of good eating habits, especially since I’m hunkering down to watch games most of the day every Sunday. Not all snacks have to be loaded with nutrition, but they shouldn’t make me feel tired, bloated, over-stuffed, or totally de-railed. My goal is to make good snacking a part of my regular life.

What Makes Something a “Football Snack”?

Here is how I define this idea for me:

  1. It should replicate that greasy-chips-and-dip experience.
  2. It should be quick and/or easy to prepare.
  3. I shouldn’t get *too* messy eating it since I need to refresh my fantasy feed constantly with my hands. 😛
  4. Guests can enjoy it, too, without feeling deprived.

My Favorite Healthy Football Snacks

  • Oven Baked Zucchini Chips. These require some advance preparation, but it’s worth it for a crispy chip that is satisfying and super low calorie!
  • Carrots cut into coins and healthy Ranch Dip. This recipe is so simple, delicious, and deceptively nutritious! I make it all the time for my kids, and they eat it right up. It takes about four seconds to blend together.
  • Baked tortilla chips and guacamole. It’s a classic combo for a reason! I like to slice corn tortillas into triangles, spray with cooking oil, sprinkle with salt, and then bake until crisp. There are so many great guacamole recipes out there, but I love my lazy version: avocado+salt+garlic+lemon juice. Add red onion, cilantro, or diced tomato for more oomph!
  • Hummus and a veggie tray. This option is the simplest because you can buy all the ingredients premade! If you like to DIY your hummus, Budget Bytes never leads me astray!
  • Hot Spinach Dip with hearty crackers. Need I say more?? This recipe removes a lot of the fat, but keeps all that amazing flavor!

You can see these ideas and more on my Healthy Entertaining Pinterest board. If you have other favorite healthy football snacks, I would love to hear about it!


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