Health Benefits of Coffee (yes!)

Got 10 minutes? Have a cup of joe and reap the health benefits of coffee!

Happy Labor Day! I hope you office workers are enjoying the day off, and if you’re an essential staff, I hope it’s not too busy a workday for you. Today I’m popping in with a new post full of excellent news.

Fellow caffeine addicts, take solace: today I’m talking about the health benefits of coffee! So pour yourself your favorite cup of Joe and pat yourself on the back for taking such good care of your mind, heart, and soul. 🙂

There is no chance I could get through my workdays without coffee. I love my kid, but he is and has always been a truly terrible sleeper. Most days, I drag into the office exhausted, eyes red and brain barely ready to focus. Coffee is the only thing that wakes me up and makes me ready to do my job.

Health Benefits of Coffee

Caffeine gets a lot of bad press, but since I have basically replaced all the blood in my veins with it, I love reading good news about my favorite beverage. There are lots of articles, but this roundup from the Harvard School of Public Health condenses the info really well.

Apparently, the average coffee consumer drinks three cups a day. Only three? Oh yeah, me too . . . But the research also suggests that up to six cups a day is safe, not that I would ever do that. 😉

But anyway, the good news is that science consistently shows us that coffee is totally fine to drink and that it might actually have health benefits. It can reduce your risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, and stroke, among other things.

So what little step can you take today? Well, you can take 10 minutes to drink that coffee and let go of the guilt! As long as you aren’t loading your cup with sugar and cream, consider your dose of caffeine a tiny little health food. Though maybe don’t skip your salad over it. ; )

Or maybe you want to join me in reading about Peet’s Coffee Pilot Roastery, the first-ever coffee research institute, which is opening at UC Davis! Do you think they’re hiring taste testers?

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