4 Healthy Slow Cooker Breakfasts

One of the biggest impediments to living a healthy lifestyle is time. Cooking fresh, healthful meals from scratch can be time-consuming, but we all know it’s the best way to eat! So today I wanted to share some of my favorite healthy slow cooker breakfasts.

The slow cooker is the perfect way to give yourself and your family a hot, delicious breakfast in the morning without the fuss. Set it up before bed and wake up to a meal. Bonus: the irresistible aromas will help get reluctant little ones out of bed!

4 Healthy Slow Cooker Breakfasts

  1. Banana Bread Overnight Steel Cut Oats — I love steel cut oats, but I never take the time to make them in the mornings because, let’s face it, they take an eternity and I’m always running behind. But steel cut oats are super healthy, loaded with fiber and a nice dose of protein. This recipe uses just enough sugar to boost the natural sweetness of the banana. Plus, it makes plenty to share with the kids and reheats well. Winner!
  2. Slow Cooker Crustless Broccoli Cheese Quiche — This meal is a winner for two reasons: 1. it couldn’t be easier, and 2. broccoli for breakfast! Ok, and 3. it tastes amazing! It’s high on protein and customizable, so you can add any other vegetables you like best. Plus, it’s a perfect use for frozen veggies that don’t even require chopping. You can use more or less cheese to your taste. Try subbing neufchatel cheese for the cream cheese for even less fat.
  3. Slow Cooker Breakfast Burritos — This recipe requires a little bit more work because you need to brown the sausage first and then toss everything in a tortilla, but it’s still really quick and super tasty! Again, you can totally customize it to your tastes. Top with salsa for some kick, or roll them up and put them in the freezer if you don’t have a big household to feed.
  4. Healthy Crock Pot Pumpkin French Toast — In my kids’ dream world, I make French toast every day. This recipe almost makes that possible! The pumpkin adds vitamins and natural sweetness, and using the suggested whole wheat bread means plenty of fiber and protein. It’s sweet enough on its own, but you can totally add a little maple syrup for special occasions — like Thursday. 😉

Tell me what breakfasts you’re making in the slow cooker!

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