Office Stretches for Better Posture

Got 5 minutes? Stretch for better posture!

Working a desk job can make it very difficult to maintain good health habits thanks to the sedentary nature of much of our days, as well as the physical demands of hunching over a keyboard or paperwork. But did you know that there are ways to gain better posture throughout the work day? Or — even more important — how posture affects our bodies?

As an office worker, I have carried my slouch to my desk, where I sit like Quasimodo over a keyboard much of the day. I rarely even notice how bad it is until my neck starts aching. I’m sure I’m not the only desk jockey with this problem, right?

Well, it turns out that bad posture isn’t just unsightly — it’s actually bad for our health! Harvard Medical School shares that bad posture means bad balance, which, yes, is important for exercise, but it’s also very important for living a normal, full life. Why? Because good posture means that, “by standing up straight, you center your weight over your feet.” That’s essential for coordination, even if you’re just using it to walk down the block, rise from a chair, or carry your groceries in the house.

Office Stretches for Better Posture

My quick habit reset this week is stretches! The Mayo Clinic has this great slide show of stretches you can do at your desk to prevent discomfort. You can do the whole circuit in 5 minutes. It’s also a perfect opportunity to look at something else besides the glaring computer screen, which we should all be doing every hour or so.

There’s also a Heart & Soul Pinterest board on how to stay physically healthy at work. Check it out for some more ideas!

Let us know if you try the stretches or if you have any favorite posture remedies!

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