The Goodbye Post

It seems that every beginning has an ending, and after much discussion and long-term thinking, we have decided to say goodbye and discontinue further development of the Heart & Soul Blog. Read below for more! Well, it’s been a run of over three years, and it’s time to say goodbye to the Heart & Soul Blog. … Continue reading "The Goodbye Post"
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Healthy Backyard Activities for Out of School Kids

Healthy backyard activities are a must for recently out-of-school kiddos. Here are some great ideas that you can implement that will keep them busy. Now that the weather has changed and summer is in full swing, now is the best time to try some new healthy backyard activities for the whole family. By embracing the … Continue reading "Healthy Backyard Activities for Out of School Kids"
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Healthy Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day

The kids are out of school, and it’s raining all day. A trip to the park is out, along with an afternoon swim. How to keep those kiddos busy? Read below for a few healthy indoor activities perfect for any rainy day. I know it can sometimes be challenging to keep kids entertained in the … Continue reading "Healthy Indoor Activities for a Rainy Day"
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5 Popular Diet Trends for 2022

Are you looking to lose weight? Today, there are so many diet trends that it’s difficult to determine effectiveness. That’s why we’ll look at the latest trends for 2022 to determine what diet may work best for you. The key to losing weight is consuming fewer calories than your body needs daily. This leads to … Continue reading "5 Popular Diet Trends for 2022"
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The Paleo Diet: Is It Healthy for You?

The paleo diet is a modern diet trend that has swept the country. Maybe you know someone that has tried this lifestyle that avoids processed foods and focuses on “Paleolithic foods?” However, we will look at the paleo diet to determine if this way of eating is truly healthy for you. It can be challenging … Continue reading "The Paleo Diet: Is It Healthy for You?"
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Keto Diet: Is It Right for You?

The keto diet is popular and followed by millions, but is this lifestyle trend safe and healthy for you? Millions of people worldwide have followed this diet and with mixed results. With so many competing — and often contradictory — diet trends, it can be tough to cut through the hype to find a healthy-eating … Continue reading "Keto Diet: Is It Right for You?"
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