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Health Goals and How to Accomplish Them

It’s so obvious it’s almost a cliché: Setting a goal will drastically improve your chances of reaching the desired outcome.  If we create goals for our career and finances – why shouldn’t we create goals for our own health and wellbeing?  Yet we often become too busy to think about our desired health outcomes.  So, … Continue reading "Health Goals and How to Accomplish Them"
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Water Aerobics for Beginners

Why fry in scorching summer temps when one of the best ways to tone up can be found below the water’s surface?  Water offers heavy resistance.  In fact, water offers about 12 times the resistance of air.  That means performing water aerobics engages more muscle fibers and burns more calories in a shorter amount of time.  … Continue reading "Water Aerobics for Beginners"
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5-Minute Introduction to Pilates

If you want to be more flexible and develop your core body strength, Pilates is the perfect activity.  Pilates is essentially a system of exercise and movement that is designed to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. If you’ve never tried this wonderful exercise, I’d like to share with you a 5-minute introduction to Pilates. The first thing … Continue reading "5-Minute Introduction to Pilates"
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8 Heart Healthy Activities This Summer

Did you know that according to the Center for Disease Control heart disease is America’s #1 killer? It’s true! One person dies every 37 seconds in the US from cardiovascular disease. That’s why it’s the leading cause of death in America for men, women, and most racial and ethnic groups. However, regular exercise and activity … Continue reading "8 Heart Healthy Activities This Summer"
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5-Minute Cardio Workout to Start Your Day

I’ve heard from many of you that there’s not enough time in the day to work out. I say, “Stop kidding yourselves!” If you can make time to watch your favorite tv show, then you have enough time to work out. And surely you can spare 5-minutes. That’s why I’d like to share a 5-minute … Continue reading "5-Minute Cardio Workout to Start Your Day"
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Circuit Training Workout for Beginners

Are you new to working out and have no idea where to begin? Or, do you find yourself working out and not seeing the results? Muscles like to be used in a variety of ways to build bulk and flexibility. A workout routine that includes a variety of different exercises is a much better way … Continue reading "Circuit Training Workout for Beginners"
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