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Quick Start
May 9, 2017
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My Favorite Online HIIT Videos

A dark-haired woman in exercise clothes stretches with the title "My Favorite Online HIIT videos"

One of my favorite ways to get a quick-but-efficient workout is using online HIIT videos. The internet is full of videos, blogs, and visual guides. Below are the sites with my go-to workouts.

3 Recipes for DIY Self Care

Image of bath bombs, hibiscus, and candles with a header that reads, "3 Recipes for DIY Self Care"

Got 10 minutes? Indulge in some DIY self care! We all know that self care is vital for our physical, mental, and emotional health, but it can be so hard to take the time we need to relax and recharge. Even worse, it can be so expensive! I’m a wannabe homesteading girl at heart, so … Continue reading “3 Recipes for DIY Self Care”

Office Stretches for Better Posture

A blonde woman balances a book on her head with the blog title "Office Stretches for Better Posture"

Got 5 minutes? Stretch for better posture! Working a desk job can make it very difficult to maintain good health habits thanks to the sedentary nature of much of our days, as well as the physical demands of hunching over a keyboard or paperwork. But did you know that there are ways to gain better … Continue reading “Office Stretches for Better Posture”

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