9 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings

When I’m rushed for work in the morning, I always grab what’s quick and easy to prepare and eat. Unfortunately, what’s always “quick and easy” is typically “unhealthy and starchy”. However, with a little prep, it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why I’d like to share 9 healthy breakfast ideas for busy mornings. … Continue reading "9 Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Busy Mornings"
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7 Holiday Mindfulness Strategies

Is it ’tis the season to be stressed, tired, and overwhelmed? As if the holidays weren’t a reason to be anxious enough, the COVID-19 pandemic has only added fuel to the chaos. However, the holidays (with or without the coronavirus) do not have to be stressful. Below, I’d like to share with you holiday mindfulness … Continue reading "7 Holiday Mindfulness Strategies"
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12 Days of Healthy Christmas Activities

Ho, ho, ho! It seems the holiday season has started and it’s time to kick things off to a healthy start! Join us as we list the 12 days of healthy Christmas activities that you can do with your entire family. Feeling overstuffed from all that Thanksgiving turkey? No worries! The Heart & Soul blog … Continue reading "12 Days of Healthy Christmas Activities"
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How to Find Calm During the Holidays

Even before the introduction of COVID-19 this year, the holidays have always managed to exert stress and panic. For me, social pressure and my own unnecessarily high standards often result in too much worrying about getting things “right”. However, I’ve learned the right lessons to help me and I’d like to share with you how … Continue reading "How to Find Calm During the Holidays"
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10 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude

Why gratitude? It’s one of those powerful virtues that teaches children and adults appreciation, generosity, and kindness. Gratitude changes people for the better. Gratitude is the antidote to entitlement. Isn’t it interesting that Thanksgiving is the one time of the year that we make a concentrated effort to focus on gratitude and on being grateful? … Continue reading "10 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude"
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Your 5-Minute Warm-Up Routine

As you know, warm-up exercises before a workout is a MUST. The reasons are numerous:  It helps to prepare your body physically and mentally, it helps your body to move better, and it can reduce the chance of an injury.  If you’re weight training, then warming up is even more important. That’s why I’d like to … Continue reading "Your 5-Minute Warm-Up Routine"
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