Five-Minute Holiday Stress Relievers

We are in the thick of the holiday season, which can be overwhelming, so I’m sharing some five-minute holiday stress relievers today! It’s easy to get bogged down and not take care of yourself between cooking and hosting, so hopefully these quick-and-easy self-care moments will help you recharge.
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Staying Fit with Kids: Exercise for Parents

I recently asked my friends what I should blog about, and the response was almost unanimous: staying fit with kids! As parents — and moms especially — it’s easy to lose that piece of your routine, but the truth is we need a solid exercise routine probably more than anyone else! While I always have … Continue reading "Staying Fit with Kids: Exercise for Parents"
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Build a Daily Meditation Habit

Daily meditation — even for just a few minutes — can have a majorly positive impact on your health. Not only does meditating calm your mind, but it can actually improve your physical health, too.
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Making Healthy Choices about Added Sugars

Today I am so excited to bring this guest post by a brilliant friend of mine all about added sugars. Jennifer Shukaitis has a Master of Public Health (MPH) and is an Assistant Professor/Educator in the Department of Family and Community Health Sciences at Rutgers Cooperative Extension. I hope you enjoy what she has to say! Many … Continue reading "Making Healthy Choices about Added Sugars"
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Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

We are now a week from Hanukkah and less than a month from Christmas, so I wanted to share a healthy holiday gift guide for those still shopping! Here are 10 things on my own wish list this year. I hope it helps relieve some of your shopping stress!
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Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is this week, but there is still time to add some healthy Thanksgiving recipes to your menu! Here are seven simple sides to serve along with your turkey on Thursday.
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