May 9, 2017
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Sweet Tips for a Healthy Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is all about romance and treating someone special with a box of chocolates.  However, February is American Heart Month and what better way to highlight the importance of good heart health than staying healthy for your loved ones.  Here are some sweet tips for a healthy Valentine’s Day that you and your special … Continue reading “Sweet Tips for a Healthy Valentine’s Day”

Healthy Fruit Snacks Kids Love

Tan Text: Healthy Fruit Snacks Your Kids Will Love Background: Fruit Butterflys

  Let’s face it – kids are picky eaters.  And if they’re anything like mine they’re against eating snacks beyond Cheez-It crackers.  I’ve talked about how to meal prep for school lunches.  Yet the struggle to introduce healthy fruit snacks is real.  To help, I’ve compiled some fun recipes and ideas that kids (and adults) … Continue reading “Healthy Fruit Snacks Kids Love”

10 Quick & Healthy Lunch Ideas

White text against orange background reads "10 Quick & Healthy Lunch Ideas". Above text is birds eye view image of panini sandwich cut in two with sliced tomatoes and zucchini on the cutting board. Next to it is a red plate with a sandwich next to a cup of coffee.

  To start off the New Year right I’d like to share with you some easy, low-cal lunch ideas that you can make in under 15 minutes.  I know, I know — another list.  However, one of the biggest pitfalls I can make is not bringing my lunch to work and succumbing to guilty-pleasure fast … Continue reading “10 Quick & Healthy Lunch Ideas”

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