May 9, 2017
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5 Diet Myths That You Need to Know

apple, stethoscope and tennis shoes on floor next to text that reads 5 diet myths that you need to know

  Navigating a new diet can be tricky when there’s so much misinformation available.  Let’s face it:  diet fads change and what was once acceptable years ago can sometimes be proven false.  While I could run a 30 bullet point list on all the weight loss myths, I wanted to particularly highlight 5 diet myths … Continue reading “5 Diet Myths That You Need to Know”

How to Make Nutritious Choices

Cup of mixed fruit full of nutritious choices

  Eating responsibly — especially when you’re on a new diet – can be tough.  Yet if you’re focus is to live a healthier life then it’s time to make your diet a priority.  We all have different calorie needs, but below I’d like to share a few tips on how to make nutritious choices. … Continue reading “How to Make Nutritious Choices”

5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies To Start Your Day

text with birds eye view of three different smoothies and colors

  I love healthy smoothies. They taste like a treat, but also have incredible nutrition value.  Bonus points because they’re unbelievably easy to make and prep ahead.  So, let’s approach January with small steps, delicious breakfast smoothies, and a healthy, attainable start to our health goals. There are so many healthy smoothie choices to start … Continue reading “5 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies To Start Your Day”

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