May 9, 2017
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Morning Motivation Habits

Cup of coffee with white mug next to blue blanket as background. Foreground text reads "Heart & Soul Blog Presents...Morning Motivation Habits"

  It’s amazing what a bit of encouragement and positive reinforcement can do.  A small bit of morning motivation can go a long way to make you feel better and make life feel brighter.  While it can be challenging, you should never start your day in a rush or even dread mornings.  They are supposed … Continue reading “Morning Motivation Habits”

Staying Fit with Kids: Exercise for Parents

A family with light skin and dark hair and their dog runs toward the camera with the title, "Staying Fit When You Have Kids"

I recently asked my friends what I should blog about, and the response was almost unanimous: staying fit with kids! As parents — and moms especially — it’s easy to lose that piece of your routine, but the truth is we need a solid exercise routine probably more than anyone else! While I always have … Continue reading “Staying Fit with Kids: Exercise for Parents”

Tips for Running in Cold Weather

The flip has switched from summer to fall, which — here at least — can mean a quick dive from hot to chilly. It’s easy to use this weather as an excuse to cease outdoor exercise, but don’t fall into the trap! Today I have some really tips for running in cold weather that I … Continue reading “Tips for Running in Cold Weather”

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