May 9, 2017
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Yoga Moves To Increase Your Flexibility

Man doing yoga pose with hands out sitting on knees blue sign underneath reads "Yoga Moves to Increase Flexibility"

Who doesn’t want to feel stronger and more flexible?  For many mornings I would wake up with my muscles and joints feeling so tight. And maybe it’s from picking up too many kid’s toys from off the floor, but my lower back pain was starting to become a problem. Fortunately, I discovered yoga as a … Continue reading “Yoga Moves To Increase Your Flexibility”

5 Tips for Beginning Runners

background of a street filled with hundreds of runners wearing different multi-colored outfits. Green text in front that reads "5 Tips for" Yellow Text "Beginning Runners"

Winter is almost over! That means all your days complaining about the wind, ice, and cold are almost finished. Since we know running is mental, let’s re-frame running outside – especially in moderately cold temperatures – as the perfect time to get started as a beginning runner.   (Being active in fair temperatures will warm you … Continue reading “5 Tips for Beginning Runners”

5-Minute Workouts for Your Lunch Break

White Shoes standing outside in puddle of water next to stairs

If you’re running out of time to exercise today, you should probably just skip it, right?  Wrong! You can reap the benefits of working out with exercise sessions as short as five minutes. You heard that right.  Micro-workouts can boost your health and strengthen your body.  A study from the University of Utah shows that … Continue reading “5-Minute Workouts for Your Lunch Break”

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