Winter Activities Your Family Will Love

The winter certainly has its benefits — the start to a new year, wonderful holidays to celebrate, and beautiful snowy scenes. However, cold weather comes with its own sets of challenges, like frigid temps and the temptation to hibernate. Particularly this year during COVID, we all need some boredom busters. That’s why I wanted to share these healthy winter activities your family will be sure to love.

Winter on the horizon doesn’t mean family fun needs to stop. From making chili to going on a winter hike, here are a few must-try winter activities to do with your loved ones.

Go for a Snowy Hike

Go on a winter hike in a park or the woods.  There’s so much to explored out in nature. You can take some beautiful snowy pictures or see which animal tracks you can spot around the forest. It’s also a perfect time to create a nature scavenger hunt!

Cook a Pot of Chili

Whenever the weather gets unbearably cold, my spouse makes chili. If you’re looking for healthy winter-time comfort food, look no further. Here’s a list of healthy chili recipes for you and your family to enjoy together.

Ice Skate Outdoors

Go skating or teach the kids to skate. The best part about winter is that you can find many outdoor rinks and have fun in the fresh air. Be sure to check the rink’s COVID-19 safety procedures before making a trip.

Go Sledding

Find the best hill and go sledding! Better yet, get your family together and make a party of it. Don’t forget the hot chocolate to warm you up later!

Build a Snowman

What’s winter without your very own Frosty the Snowman? Consider creating a “best-looking” snowman challenge with your family and offering a Christmas cookie or other treat to the winner.

Send a Holiday Card

Everyone needs a sense of connection. Send some cheerful holiday greetings to your loved ones during this time of social isolation. Even though you can call up your long-distance friends and family, there’s something extra special about sending a handwritten letter in the mail. Write Christmas wishes, New Year’s greetings, or just a surprise hello.

Have an Outdoor Camp Fire

Move over summer! If your city allows it, set up a backyard fire pit and have a winter campfire, complete with roasting marshmallows. The sound of the fire crackling is worth it in itself. 

Make Snow Angels

There’s nothing more tempting after a snowfall than jumping onto a fresh patch of snow and making snow angels. See if you can come up with any other kinds of creatures, and just have fun in the snow together.


Did you enjoy this list of winter activities? Was there something that I missed that you and your family love to do together? Be sure to reach out at because I’d love to hear from you! Also, if you’re looking for a few more inspired ideas, please check out 12 Healthy Holiday Activities Your Kids Will Love. Plus, be sure to subscribe to the Heart & Soul newsletter to receive more great blog tips straight to your inbox each Friday. Enjoy!

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