12 Days of Healthy Christmas Activities

Ho, ho, ho! It seems the holiday season has started and it’s time to kick things off to a healthy start! Join us as we list the 12 days of healthy Christmas activities that you can do with your entire family.

Feeling overstuffed from all that Thanksgiving turkey? No worries! The Heart & Soul blog is here to help you generate some fun and healthy Christmas activities for the entire family. Let’s begin…

Day 1: Practice Christmas Yoga

Yes, it’s true! Cosmic Kids Yoga has a Christmas special on YouTube. You can find it here. Your children will find this fun while getting in the holiday spirit!

Day 2: Declutter and Donate

Clean out extra and lightly used toys, jackets, blankets to donate. The toys that your kids no longer play with could be what makes Christmas special for another child.  Your jackets and blankets that you no longer use can bring warmth and comfort to someone else.

Day 3: Decorate Your Christmas Tree…with Gratitude

A fun family game to play this year. For every decoration placed on the tree, a family member must state what they are grateful for this year!

Day 4: Help Someone in Need

There are lots of ways to brighten someone’s day! Bring dinner to a new mom, an elderly neighbor, or a family in need. Find a way to help a neighbor whether it’s through preparing a meal, shoveling out the snow, or raking leaves.  Sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is helping other people.

Day 5: Go for a Family Hike

Walk around a hiking trail or around your block. The important thing is that you’re being active and spending family time together.

Day 6: Go on a Christmas Light Adventure

One of my family’s favorite Christmas traditions is to have a night out to look at Christmas lights.  We also do a walking tour of a few of our favorite neighborhoods.  

Day 7: Play Outdoor Games

Up for a game of flag football? Hide-and-seek? There are lots of fun family activities that you can play outside. If it’s snowing outside, consider making a snowman together or going on a sled ride.

Day 8: Donate Gifts

What better way to help less fortunate people in your community than by donating gifts this Christmas season? Choose a family in need to help financially or to provide gifts. Look for organized opportunities to donate presents that you can mail. Make shopping for gift donations a family affair!

Day 9: Choose Active Video Games as Gifts

Consider playing active video games with the kids. These and other active video games will get your entire family’s blood pumping while having a blast. You’ll dance, bowl, golf, play soccer or beach volleyball, run track, or do boxing moves all from the comfort of your living room!

Day 10: Go Ice Skating

If you can do it safely with social distancing in place, consider going ice skating! Did you know that skating works nearly every muscle group in the body? Like any workout, skating is excellent for cardiovascular health – it gets the blood pumping and the heart rate up.

Day 11: Bake Healthy Holiday Desserts

Kids love to help out in the kitchen! Why not teach them how to make delicious desserts without rotting their teeth? For a list of great ideas, please click Healthy Desserts Under 200 Calories.

Day 12: Take a “Me Day”

Family is important, but so is self-care. Take a day or even a few hours to focus on yourself. Don’t let the rush of the holidays sweep you into a frenzy. Instead, give yourself a present. Maybe it’s that massage you’ve been wanting or just a few hours to sit and read in private. Either way, make sure to relax and recharge.

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