Your 5-Minute Warm-Up Routine

As you know, warm-up exercises before a workout is a MUST. The reasons are numerous:  It helps to prepare your body physically and mentally, it helps your body to move better, and it can reduce the chance of an injury.  If you’re weight training, then warming up is even more important. That’s why I’d like to share with you a 5-minute warm-up routine before your workout.

Say it with me: I will warm up before every workout! I know I talk about the importance of workouts all the time, but there’s a good reason. I want you to be at your fittest and healthiest, so don’t neglect warm-ups.  Here’s how to get started with your 5-minute warm-up routine.  To begin…

0:00 – 00:59 – Lunges

I HATE lunges, but they are oh so good for you. So why not perform a full minute of lunges first and get them out of the way? 

To alternate, consider doing lateral lunges.  This movement might seem unique, but lateral lunges are a great way to strengthen your inner-thigh muscles and warms up your glutes.

1:00 – 1:59 – Hip Hinges

Now that our legs are properly warmed up, it’s time to work on our hamstrings and lower back. 

Hip hinges are easy to do and familiar to most people. Do you remember the touch the toe stretch from middle school gym class where you bend at the waist, reach down, and try to touch your toes?  Hip hinges are like that, but with more movement.

To watch it done properly, check out

2:00 – 2:59 – Leg Swings

This is a great movement for opening up your hips and hamstrings.

I suggest you hold on to a wall or fixed surface for this warm-up exercise. Simply swing one leg back and forth as if you’re kicking a soccer ball.  A full-minute should get your blood pumping.

3:00 – 3:59 – Knee Raise

Knee raises are a great warm-up exercise to boost the strength and endurance of your hip flexor muscles.  These muscles lift the knees and prevent plodding in running or overuse of the knee in a biking motion.

4:00 – 4:59 Jumping Jacks

While you may not have thought about jumping jacks since grade school, the health benefits of this simple move continue well into adulthood. Jumping jacks are quite simple to do. People who haven’t exercised at all can also learn them quite easily. The trick is to do these warm-up routines with the right technique. 


Did this 5-minute warm-up routine work for you?  Was there something that I missed?  I’d love to hear your thoughts at  Also, be sure to check out more exercise posts, such as How to Create a Fitness Plan. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive more great blog tips straight to your inbox each Friday. 

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