7 Healthy Snacks to Support Your Diet

No one needs to stop snacking in order to lose weight. In fact, low-calorie snacks can help any dieter get past their weight-loss obstacles.  That’s why I’d like to share 7 healthy snacks to support your diet.

According to a recent Nielsen report, 41% of North American respondents ate snacks instead of dinner at least once in the previous 30 days. The most popular snacks are chips, chocolate, and cheese, according to the report.

Yet there’s plenty of healthy snacks way to enjoy rather than gorging on junk food. Here are a few go-to items to eat when you get hungry throughout the day…

Air-popped Popcorn

Yes, it’s true! Popcorn may get a bad reputation, but only because of the additional sugar, fat, and salt that people put on it. Air-popped popcorn does not contain these extra ingredients and is a low-calorie whole grain that offers plenty of filling fiber.

Cucumber and Hummus

One of the easiest, most filling snacks you can make is sliced cucumbers and hummus. The crunchy, protein-packed snack will have you feeling satisfied for hours.

Mandarin Oranges

There’s something rewarding about pulling that last bit of stubborn peel away from a juicy mandarin orange. The work you put into this snack makes it taste that much sweeter. Especially when it’s only 45 calories per medium mandarin orange. Yum!

Easy Broccoli Soup

Made with only three ingredients, this broccoli soup is an easy, wholesome snack you can feel good about eating. Plus, it’s only 69 calories per serving. That’s right — it’s delicious and guilt-free. Credit to the Brown, Sugar & Vanilla blog for this delicious recipe here.

Dried Fruit

Are you looking for a portable and healthy snack? Eating dried fruit helps with weight-loss because it’s packed with filling fiber (and important vitamins and minerals). Look for fruit with no sugar or sweeteners added and pair dried fruit with nuts for a snack with a balance of healthy carbs and protein. Dried fruit is also a great option to keep by your desk at work.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt has more than double the protein of standard American-style. (Also, it’s one of my personal favorite snack items to buy). Make it a simple parfait by adding fruit, nuts, seeds, or granola.

Dark Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

You didn’t think I’d leave out a sweet snack item, would you? For a rich treat, drizzle strawberries in dark chocolate, which typically contains less added sugar than milk chocolate. Set in the fridge until firm, then enjoy. (If you’re looking to amp up the protein and lower the sugar content of this snack, skip the dark chocolate and spread unsweetened peanut butter on your fruit instead.) Enjoy!


Did these snack ideas hit the spot for you? I’d love to hear what worked (and what didn’t) for your healthy snack ideas. Please feel free to contact me at hello@heartandsoulblog.com. Also, please be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to receive more great tips straight to your inbox each week. Finally, if you’re on a diet and hoping to take that next step with exercising, be sure to read How to Create a Fitness Plan. You wouldn’t start any major endeavor without a plan, right? And that includes your health.

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