Social Fitness Activities to Improve Health

At the Heart & Soul Blog, we love to incorporate new fitness routines. However, how many of your exercises include people? Harvard University found that there’s a direct correlation between social connection and being physically healthier. Let’s take a look at some social fitness activities that will help improve your physical health and longevity.

We all know physical activity and exercise is important to stay healthy, but when it comes to helping us live longer, some sports and activities have a bigger impact than others. Take a look at the below chart…

All physical activity is good for us, as it helps us to stay fit and live longer by reducing risk factors such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and heart attacks, along with helping us feel better and develop stronger joints, muscles, and bones.

Yet one thing that numerous studies have also proven is that social connectedness is key to health and longevity. Also, exercising with others can be more enjoyable for friends working out together, and also encourages a little friendly competition that leads to more intense and longer periods of exercise. Here are a few social fitness activities that you and a loved one can play together.


Badminton as a sport is comparatively easy, does not require an expensive gear or an elaborate court and can be simply played without getting into much details about the rules of the game. Like tennis, it’s also a great social fitness activity.

Badminton helps you interact with several people, be it your friends, neighbors, or family members. This helps you develop connections with people, improves your self-confidence, and personality. Socializing with people from different walks of life also helps you learn from their experiences and make new friends.


When young kids play soccer, they’ll quickly start to build strong relationships. As a team sport, players have to come together to do their best and win the game. So between soccer coaches and their players, everyone will become close and learn how to work together to achieve their goals. Having people to rely on is necessary for life, but especially at a young age. So young players can benefit greatly from building a strong relationship with their team.


Golf is a wonderful team sport and great for social interaction. It also improves an individual’s confidence, self-esteem, and anxiety levels.


Did these social fitness activities sound good to you? I’m eager to hear if you have your own fitness activity that you love to do with friends. Please share your thoughts at Also, be sure to subscribe to my blog newsletter by following the link below. If you’re interested in trying a new fitness activity, maybe give the pool a try. You can read more about it at Water Aerobics for Beginners. Enjoy!

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