How to Fit in Workouts on a Busy Schedule


Sometimes it feels like the older I get, the busier my life becomes.  Especially when you add in the labors of being a parent with small children.  However, there are ways for all of us to be active — no matter your life circumstances.   Below I’d like to share tips on how to fit in workouts on a busy schedule.

When life gets busy, fitness always seems to be the first item dropped from our to-do list.  But if you’re serious about making a regular workout schedule a part of your life then you need strategies that can help you no matter how busy life gets.

Make Every Bit Count

The American College of Sports Medicine has very practical advice when it comes to fitting in a workout:  Move whenever you can.  That’s right – go for a walk!  Take the stairs in your building.  You can even do laps around your house or march in place during TV commercials.  The important thing is that you’re trying to get more steps in your day — and that counts!

Expect Setbacks

Real-life will occasionally interfere with your workout plans, and when that happens, it’s easy to fall off the wagon.  The important thing to know is that you should return to your routine immediately.  Look at it this way: If you get really busy and skip lunch one day, does that mean you’ll never eat again?  Nope.  The same goes for exercising. Don’t let setbacks impede your best-laid plans.

Recruit Others

Instead of a buddy to work out with, find a group.  That way, if one person’s schedule gets derailed, yours won’t too.  Exercising with other people may also give you a bigger mental boost:  One Harvard University study found that med students who worked out in a group setting had a bigger drop in their stress levels compared with solo attendees.

Know What Motivates You

For some, it’s signing up for a nonrefundable workout class.  For others, it’s tracking their progress on a wearable fitness device.  A survey of 2,000 gym-goers found that 7 in 10 felt inspired just by putting on their workout gear.  When you find a strategy that works, embrace it.


Did these tips help you with how to fit in your workouts?  When you do manage to make it to the gym and need safety tips, I encourage you to read this article.   I’d love to hear your thoughts at  And please be sure to subscribe to the Heart & Soul newsletter to receive more great tips like these straight to your inbox each Friday.

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